500 Outdoor Wood Shed Plans

Have you been on the fence for a while, not sure whether you want to build your own wood shed or not? Personally I was on that fence for a long time and then I tried many different plans. The ones that I like most is from Ted Mcgrath at Ted’s Woodworking. Below I will give you my opinion about these plans, but if you want to go straight to Ted’s Woodworking official website then [...] Read more »

Hydroponics Myths and Facts

Hydroponics Myths and Facts

Hydroponics is, simply put, a system of growing plants without soil (dirt). This method of growing plants is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Once understood the use of hydroponics is a simple yet very effective method of growing plants and vegetables. One of the major benefits of using hydroponics is the ability to set up a system indoors. With an indoor system one can have a thriving vegetable garden all year [...] Read more »

Tips for Growing Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a fruit that can be used for so many things. And if you give your tomato plants exactly what they need, they will grow and produce fruit that will be sure to delight. In this article, we’ll examine what you’ll need to grow tomatoes like a pro. Watering your Growing Tomatoes The tomato plant can be pretty finicky when it comes to being watered. If you’re starting off with a transplant tomato plant [...] Read more »

What Size Greenhouse Would You Benefit Most From?

If you live in a climate that gets a lot of rain or has a shorter growing season than you would like, you might benefit greatly from a greenhouse. There are those gardeners who really maximize their potential for gardening through the use of a greenhouse and those that only use a greenhouse for one or two specific and fleeting purposes. To see if you would benefit from a large greenhouse or a smaller version, [...] Read more »

Small Gardening Tools

Even if you think that your supply of tools for your vegetable garden is complete, it isn’t until you have a full collection of small gardening tools, some of which you may not expect. And it pays off to have these close at hand, like in a storage shed or a designated space in your garage, instead of having odds and ends stored away in some part of your house. Off course there are the [...] Read more »

Three Reasons Why A Storage Shed Will Improve Your Gardening

Though storage sheds tend to be one of the largest single-item purchases that a home gardener might make, sheds are a great investment for almost every gardener. There are things that a storage shed offers you and your gardening hobby that nothing else quite can. To fully appreciate the aspects of a storage shed for your gardening, look at the many benefits. A Storage Shed gives you space A storage shed can give space where [...] Read more »